Directed Studies

In this course I gained knowledge in the field of Online technologies.We completed series of online courses such as “Creating and Sharing GIS Content Using ArcGIS Online”, “Spatial Analysis with ArcGIS Online”, “Gain Geographic Insight with ArcGIS Online Analysis Tools”, “Elevation Analysis with ArcGIS Online” and MOOC “Going Places with Spatial Analysis Online” which lasts 6 weeks. In this six weeks I got deep knowledge in Online Spatial Analysis and learned up-to-date programs and tools such as “ArcGIS Online”.

In this ESRI VC online courses we learned how to visualize terrain landforms, perform raster-based analyses in ArcGIS Online using elevation and hydrological data. Also we apply steps to perform different types of spatial analyses and implement workflow to solve various spatial analyses. We learned when and which analysis and tool to use to solve specific kind of problem.

Especially the module  ‘Creating and sharing GIS content using ArcGIS online’ was helpful due to the examples of sharing web map as a web app using ArcGIS Online.

In the context of ArcGIS online Additional exercises we needed to find best suitable site for sport school with following criteria’s:
1. Select parcel which are vacant; 2. Area greater than 5 ha but less than 9 ha; 3. Value is less than 1 000000 and Value_acre is less than 110000; 4. Min 200 meters away from flood zone; 5. Min 500 meters away distance to highway; For this assignment I used data from previous exercises such as: 1. Highway (length – miles, type_ =1,110 or 1,200) 2. Flood zone (area – sq.miles) 3. Parcel (landuse=vac, sfr, pub, ind; area-acres;value_; value_acre, city_no).

FINAL RESULT: 5 sites were available with defined criteria’s. They are located quite close to each other if to take into account the scale of the city. But not all of them are suitable for locating schools. I recognized it by adding satellite base map. The priority is high for 1st criteria and less for 5th criteria. Regarding the first criterion, which is the vacant type of land use, all of sites are vacant. Regarding the 2nd and 3rd criteria the site below is most suitable place for school.


ArcGIS online Additional exercises helped us to apply our theoretical knowledge and strengthen our practical skills in ArcGIS Online.

Nowadays the terms “online geoprocessing”, “web geoprocessing”, “online spatial analysis” and everything realted to “cloud-based” are relevant, new and very rapidly developing technologies in the sphere of Geoinformatics. Personally, this course was of current relevance, and very helpful for our further activity in our professional life.

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